The opening night at Kitfox Valentin’s show.


308at156 Project Artspace is delighted to present our debut photography exhibition, Toothsome/Loathsome, a collection of new works by Kitfox Valentín.


Exploring the theme of psychological discomfort as a vehicle for growth, this stunning collection of photographs visually juxtaposes oppositional binaries—beautiful/grotesque; intrigue/apathy; softness/severity—to reveal what writhes behind carefully manicured surfaces. The whimsical foreground of the images portrays beauteous, highly polished subjects that, through carefully crafted details, invite reevaluation of what is considered acceptably attractive and what is not, and compels the viewer to question those preconceived lines. Kitfox has created a collection of subduing photographs that will entice viewers to transcend initial perceptions, as well as contemplate their own ethics of attraction.

Toothsome/Loathsome will be on view from August 7 through September 13. An opening reception will take place on Thursday, August 7, from 7 until 9pm.

By Lydia Kiehborth

Lydia Kiehborth’s opening